Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Dorm Room

Well, here it is. I have moved in. What do you think. I like it for the most part, except for the giant sticky stains on the floor.

Disneyland Graduation/Birthday Trip

Here we are before getting on the tram to take us to the park. I think we scared some people on the way by how loud we were.

First stop of the day was to get our photo taken in front on the castle. Aren't we cute?

Me and Lauren in the Matterhorn bobsled. I think she was really wigged out that it was our last Disneyland trip together.

We wanted to make the trip all it could be, so we asked to do everything special. This is me, Micki, Lauren, and Kristin in the front of the Monerail.This picture shouldn't have worked...I don't know how we go everyone in. It was so late at night and we were still going strong.