Sunday, July 26, 2009

Our Pioneer Trek (Blessed are the feet upon the mountain)

Let me explain. Lauren was talking about and EFY group name yesterday and it seemed to fit. "Blessed are the feet upon the mountain..." is some scripture in the Bible and Book of Mormon. It fit considering we all walked up and down a mountain and felt as though we were in need of some blessings. We had picked up Lauren from EFY and decided to have breakfast in the park, drive to big Bear, hike it, window shop, and go to LA to see grandparents. Well, it didn't all work out. Breakfast in the park was wonderful, but as we drove up the mountain, the car died without any warning (9:12 am). Dad and I hiked 45 min down to get cell service while everyone else waited. Finally 3 hrs later the tow shows up and we separate (Dad with the car, us to the rest stop. 12:20 pm). There the girls waited with NO communication until 6:30 when Dad and Grandpa showed up. Don't forget we didn't have enough water, food, there was a threatening thunder storm, and a wild fire down the mountain. What a bunch of fun. NOT!!!!

The GREAT and relaxing breakfast. It happened to be the best part of the day. This was my favorite picture of the morning.

We all had a really good time at the park. The jungle gym was 3 levels high and we couldn't help but have a family exploration of it. Della and I really enjoyed the bike and side-car (but I did need help to get out of the seat).

The car being loaded up as we begin our day of hot solitude. Little did we know we wouldn't see one another for another 7 hours. And dad was happy to finally lose the dirty rag from the side of the road and trade it for his hat.

The LONG walk from the car to the rest stop. Lucky for everyone else it was only a mile walk, while dad and I did 5 miles treking up and down the mountain.

The BEAUTIFUL view of the creek. The entire area was like this if not better.

Our little spot to put our feet in the cool creek, and ignore the thunderstorm that threatened to destroy all life.

This is how we spent 4 of the 6 hours at the park. Exciting stuff huh?

Monday, July 20, 2009

Missed opportunity

Katy begged me last week to go to Singles Ward this past Sunday (it being her last week to go). I reluctantly promised I would be there. My family left for church at the normal time and I got in the shower. While in the shower the phone rang, but I didn't hear it. Two hours later, right before Katy came to get me, I saw the message. "President Holland is at church today. No JOKE. GET YOUR BUT TO CHURCH!!!" But I was way too late. I was heartbroken. Lauren sat right behind him on the stage (she was singing with the YW). He kissed Emma's forehead after she turned in her tithing. The coolest thing was that for Priesthood, instead of going with the men, he went to Priest Quorum. I was so disappointed that I missed my favorite Apostle that I cried for half an hour. Oh well, I'll live.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July

We had our annual neighborhood parade with the fire truck and the much anticipated water fights. First everyone lines up behind the big red truck and parades down the street in decorated bikes and bodies. Then the water war begins. The firemen almost always hook up to the hydrant, or their own tank, and spray the little kids as the chillin's attack with water balloons. When that excitement runs low, the teenage war begins (which is usually so ugly that everyone else goes home).


So I made these ear rings 10 minutes before the parade started, and everyone just loved them. I thought they were darn cute, but REALLY itchy. (And it was really hot and sunny, hence the silly face)

Lauren planned on helping Della ride the bike, but Della thought the neighbor's wagon was much more Lauren pushed an empty bike.

Emma, in her patriotic, George Washington pose...or at least that's what Mom and I called it.

This is my favorite shot of the day...need I say more?

Then there is my cute Mom and Dad, standing in their usual spot on the corner where they can easily watch all the festivities (and get the oc