Wednesday, June 24, 2009

We Are Just Plain Wierd

Well, its summertime, which means the Wilkins family spends EVEN MORE time together...which leads to further kookiness. Here is our Della, the mom/shopaholic/explorer/model/animal rights activist/fashion designer. Note on this day she actually went to the beautician and had her hair done (on most days she prefers the long hippie locks).

Then we went to Legoland one evening and I discovered a new love interest. He's so strong and brave and I fit perfectly in his lap. Thank heavens he was there to comfort me when the giant shark got too close.

This is Lauren, having not been lucky like me, swallowed by the shark. At least her last moments were spent thinking about me and my new boyfriend. (I get the feeling she might have been a bit jealous)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Cold Stone

Miracles happen...sweet! Today Lauren and I both got jobs as Coldstone! We were in a huge group interview of 36 (DANG!) and we beat them all. Yes! Just thought you would want to know.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I couldn't help myself

So anyone who knows me well, knows I really love anything weddings. To use one of my favorite websites I had to create an imaginary wedding. I got a little carried away, and tada! Me as a bride.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Jamie Cullum!!!!

Love this guy. Can't find the song on iTunes or anywhere else for that matter. But if I could find it, I would buy it faster than you can blink.

Happy Birthday!!

Friday was my 19th can't believe it. Lauren and I went to Disneyland in the morning, and then Dad and Della joined us at California Adventure in the afternoon. Thank heavens we didn't stay too late, because we heard Disneyland became so crowded that half the park was grid locked. yuck...I hate it when it gets that way. When we got home mom had slaved all afternoon and evening making a cake for me. I loved it! Then I opened my present and WOOHOO!!!!.....I got Catch Phrase!!! YES!! We have been playing with it for days. Game night in the new apartment next year will be a blast...especially when I whip all those RM's butts. HA!

I can't get the dumb picture to matter what I do. Sorry. You'll just have to turn your head.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Test

Well I am officially just as cool as every other 16 year old out there. I passed my driver's test, and now I have my license. I'm still waiting on the actual card, but I'm excited because I think my photo will be fantastic! The weird thing is I won't really use my license because I don't want to pay for insurance. Oh well, at least its good for ID and emergencies.

Della's Birthday

We decided to visit Disneyland to celebrate Della's 3rd Birthday. She was so proud of her ticket, she wanted to carry it everywhere. We were worried she would lose it, so we traded her for an old one that looked identical. Quick thinking by Lauren and Kristin saved us a temper tantrum. WOOHOO!

Lauren and Della were mighty cute riding Dumbo together!

We all rode together early before all the crowd got nasty. Too bad you can hardly see Della. Kristin was kind enough to help get us into the park, so it was a pleasure to have her play with us in the morning (before she had to go to work in tomorrowland).

At the end of the night, Della and I were able to catch one last ride at California Adventure. I think the seahorse was the prettiest creature on the ride.

I Love Jon Schmidt!

Lauren showed this to me a couple weeks ago and I fell in love. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!