Tuesday, September 20, 2016

This Little House

To anyone else, this is just a little house. 

It had its lawn mowed tonight. It smells a little like wildfire smoke from the fire up the canyon. If you walk inside, you will see a couple washing and folding laundry. The dishwasher has clean dishes...The garbage can has trash in it...The basement is full of boxes.

But to me, this is not just a little house. 

This is a Sacred Home. 
This is where I learned to serve....where I learned service is not easy....where I learned not all service is done with Christ-like love. Christ-Like service is a chosen path, a deliberate and patient service. 

This is where I learned how thin the veil is on earth...where I felt a room full of angels...where I watched anxiously for hours, waiting for mortality to slip into immortality...where I watched my hero's heart stop and breath cease. 

Today, this little home became a sacred home. Sacred love of children to parents. Sacred love of spouses. Sacred love of serving others in times of pain. Sacred in Spirit. 

This is an example of how a home can be as holy and sacred as a temple of God. 

It is a sacred little home.