Tuesday, August 26, 2014

He knows your needs

Heavenly Father knows each and every one of his children. He know their wants and needs. He listens to their prayers. But more importantly, he ANSWERS the prayers of his children.

This is a photo of one of my favorite families from my mission. In the very center, making a ridiculous face, is Aviana. (I wish I had a photo of her simply smiling.) I love her with my whole heart. She changed my life. I was always amazed at how dedicated she was. There were times when I would come and visit, and I would think, "Wow. This girl's faith is helping to hold her family together. I hope I can be as determined and faithful as she is."

We have kept in contact since I came home. We talk about anything and everything. A few months ago she told me her family was moving to Mississippi. My stomach dropped to the floor. This girl was thriving where she was. She had a great ward, with loving people all around her. She was on a path to spiritual success. I wanted her to be celestially happy with my whole heart. I care for her as if she were flesh and blood.

I was worried that she would get lost in the transition of a move. Maybe she wouldn't find a church...or she wouldn't run into missionaries....or she wouldn't be able to find any good church friends or support. That night I wept as I prayed to Heavenly Father. I pleaded with Him that He make sure this little girl would be ok. I care more about her salvation more then I ever thought possible. I can't bear the thought of something spiritually or physically happening to her. I begged that he would keep her spiritually safe: that she would find the church in her area, that she would find loving ward members, that she would stumble upon the missionaries. (I knew that if she could simply meet the missionaries, she would swoop them up with her loving arms, and never let them go)

Tonight we talked on the phone, and I tried not to cry as I heard my prayer had been answered. She was outside with a friend, within a week of moving in, and saw Elders. Heavenly Father put those elders in Aviana's path. He placed sister missionaries nearby who are there to nurture and love Aviana in this vulnerable and challenging time in her life. She is still on the path towards Heavenly Father. He listened to my prayer. He knew the needs of this little girl. And bless the missionaries and members in Mississippi who listened to promptings, and were in the right place when this little girl walked by.

He answers the prayers of His children.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

I got my panties in a wad today. Anyone else would think this is a silly thing to get upset about...but this is a big deal to me.

I believe that we have prophets, seers, and revelators on the earth today. I believe Thomas Monson is the Prophet on the earth. He has 2 counselors, and 12 Apostles he works with. They are all men of God. They receive revelation together to help guide Heavenly Father's children on earth. When they speak, we should do what they ask, because they have that connection to Heaven.

Family Experience:
Many years ago, the prophet asked women to only wear 1 set of earrings per ear. My aunt took out her second set at that moment, and never put them in again. I have always respected her immediate decision to follow the counsel of a Prophet of God.

The prophet and apostles cannot run every congregation in the church by themselves. They delegate responsibility, leadership, and Priesthood Power/Keys to local leadership.

Melinda's Thoughts:
Based on my belief and testimony about Church leadership and following their counsel (as discussed in my Preface), I believe it is also extremely important that we follow the counsel and instruction of the local leaders. Even if it is a simple request it is important that we follow. If you can't follow the simple request of a local leader, then what does that say? If it came from a local leader or a prophet, does it matter?

Panties In a Wad:
Today, the leaders of my local congregation asked us to do a simple task....There were about 30 of us who did it immediately. But the rest ignored. Simple, silly request. Really of no importance. Not life changing...but it bothered me.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

too much companionship fun

Sister Kelsey Isaacson is in my bed right now. We are having WAAAAAY too much fun being goobers together. We may have just taken a silly photo and sent it to our mission president....

ANNNNND, I may have just sent him this text:
*Preface: It is Sunday night, and the mission president is currently waiting for numbers to come in from all of the Districts/Zones...

"This is Sister Wilkins reporting our Weekly Numbers. I went on a date last week. Sister Isaacson went on two this week. And I have a date set for next week. But potential investigators....0. Hope that's all the info you're looking for."

Um, we think we are super funny.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Have you ever bitten into a piece of fruit, and immediately thought:
God Is Good. 

I did. Today. Actually, a few times this summer.

For me, its nectarines. They are bliss. 

Its like I can taste the feeling of Heavenly Father's love. I know that probably sound hokey, but I mean it. I taste beauty. I taste happiness. I taste hope. I taste bliss. I taste goodness. I taste LOVE. 

I know, who else would think, or even blog about this.

Try it though. Take a  minute and taste a piece of fruit. Can you taste the Goodness of God? 

Friday, August 8, 2014


What is the deal with being grouchy? How does it come about?

Because I am a grouch.
Have been for days.

(actually, my family would probably say that I have been for decades)

I don't like being grouchy.

I don't like how unproductive I am.

I don't like how prickly I feel on the inside.

Part of me wants to ask how to make it go away...but someone would probably answer that I need to get outside myself and serve or do something nice....

....but remember....I'M GROUCHY!!! I DON'T WANT TO DO ANY OF THAT! That's kinda the point of being grouchy!


These pictures show how I really feel:

Monday, August 4, 2014

can you hear the spirit over the rain?

Sometimes there are moments that strengthen your testimony in the simplest of ways.

Two such events happened today:

1) Ward FHE Carwash. I was asked to give the opening prayer. It was cloudy and threatening rain. It was dry the entire event...but as I stepped under the front porch, I felt the first drip. (Sure hope all those people had garages)

2) It was a simple pitter pat for a while...but then WHAM! BAM! POW! The rain was going nuts!
Just go downstairs and play in it.
"But I should -"
Just do it! Why not?! Get your family.
So I ran down the stairs and was about to swing around the banister, when I heard crying. I froze in place. There were frantic shrieks somewhere behind the dumbing rumble of the pelting rain. I opened the front door, and found the 2 year old from next door terrified. He had gotten stuck in the momentary rain as he followed his siblings. They had come into the house and shut the door on him. The poor guy was TERRIFIED. I tried 3+ times to get him to come to me....but he wouldn't have it. It took a bolt of lightening for him to realize that I wasn't nearly as scary as it was.

The Spirit is so great! I mean it! So great!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Stop snuffing, start sniffing

Today I learned 2 very great lessons from my sister and mother. Each one has its own tag line.

Lesson 1: Stop snuffing boys.

Lesson 2: Start sniffing boys.

Here's the short story: New single's ward, Lauren gets myphed at me, because she said I blew off a few boys when they tried to talk to me. I did not realize I was doing this. Hence she started to call me "the snuffer." Then we carried on our conversation with Mom. At which point she said explained that I need to take time and "smell the roses"...but really I should take time and "smell the men"...it might result in a happy Melinda.


I came across this today....I LOVE IT. We need more videos around like this one. Videos that show competent parents, who love their kids, and love raising them. I taught a lesson on raising children in the gospel today....so this is TOTALLY fitting.