Monday, February 22, 2010

I'm back!!

oye. media fast. its over. thank heavens.

This past week I haven't been anywhere near media (an assignment for class). Now I'm back and I have stories to tell.

Yesterday we invited our FHE brothers and best friends in the ward over for Sunday dinner. We were celebrating 2 of them being accepted into their programs. (one here at BYU and one getting into his #1 graduate school). We decided to have a fancy dinner, which is where it all went wrong.

The day started with snow, ice, and slush. Let's just say getting to and from church was fun. Then as we started preparing dinner, all ___ broke lose.

Ashlee started with the roast. BIG. more blood than we thought. blood juice on the floor. everywhere. underbreath cussing.

burnt tortillas.

Katherine went to take out the trash. hole in bag. blood juice in can. ok, wash out can in tub. Katherine climbs in the tub, turns on the water. SURPRISE!!! water sprays from the shower head, not the faucet. drenched and not happy about it.

Melinda makes regular juice for lunch.. pull off seal and lift lid. SPLASH! red concentrate everywhere. me. apron. skirt. shoes. cupboards. floor. sink. ceiling. across the room. clean clothes in tub.

Ashlee starts to pipe frosting onto our giant cupcake, and doesn't quite know the mechanics work, so we have to redo that....

Charli makes Pretzel Jello Salad. Has issues and instead of the jello staying on top, somehow it ends up on bottom with everything else floating on top.

Ashlee goes to unload the dishwasher, but water dumps out all over her and the floor. (there is large rushing water sound, she screams kinda like she's in pain...I run in and she's standing there, hunched over, clutching her legs. could have sworn her water broke by the external factors)

Ashlee tries to open her blinds, and they fall right off the wall.

lets just say we had issues cooking potatoes.

Then the roast of DEATH! recipe for 3 lbs. our roast = 1 ton. refuses to bake all the way through. Ashlee embarrassed and practically in tears. it never really works, but the boys eat it anyways (because their nice)

After Lucifer tried to ruin our meal, we had a great time. Just had to get all of the crap behind us, and the night was rather enjoyable. The boys said we outdid ourselves and they don't think anyone else cooks as well as we do. Thank you boys for making it worth it.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Isn't tomorrow just another day?

No. Tomorrow is not just another day. I kept telling myself that its just Sunday. Just any other day. I will awake early, and go to church. I will sit on the third row, like always, and try to keep my eyes open. But then I step back, an realize. "You are kinda pitiful." Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. You are alone in your apartment. You have eaten every piece of candy within a 20 foot radius. You are watching Somewhere In Time, and you are going to cry within the next hour when the guy starts to fall in love. Then you are going to bed, only to have breakfast alone, walk to church with a hobble (broke my big toe today), and then sit alone for 3 hours at church. Not to mention the afternoon and evening alone, without a boy, on Valentine's Day. Yup, my valentine's are 6 and 10. Today they kissed my cheek and held my hand...that's the best is going to get. "You are pitiful."

Friday, February 12, 2010

Sweet Mommy

My mommy is so sweet. For Valentine's Day she made me and my sisters these cute felt hearts to wear on headbands, ponytails, belts, anything. I love them! (not to mention she sent quarters...I always need quarters to do my laundry. how did she know I had one left?)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

To Miriam

I wanted to tell all 3 of you who read this, that Mirium Cottam may be the sweetest Lady I have ever met. She always leaves wonderful comments, and brings a smile to every occasion. I can't get enough of her hugs and spunky comments. Today she manifested her wonderfulness again. She heard Ashlee was having a hard week, so she bought flowers, dropped them off, and had me arrange them for her. Two birds with one stone: brightening Ashlee's gloomy day with a gift from the heart, and giving me the opportunity to play with my passion. Thank you Madame Miriam. You are an elect Lady.