Sunday, December 7, 2014

Touching the Hem of the Savior's Garment

Today during Sacrament meeting, someone shared the New Testament story of the woman sick with a blood disease. She could find no other way to heal her broken body, and did all she could: she sat waiting simply to touch the hem of the Savior's Garment.

It was an extremely simple act of faith, but it was rejuvenating for her soul. It changed her. It healed her.

The speaker in Sacrament Meeting pointed out that when we come to church, it is our simple act of faith, of reaching out to touch the Savior's robe.We act in faith, coming, knowing the action is small, but it is what we can offer. We know we must seek His power, if only our fingertips can grasp it.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Today is my Mentor Teacher's birthday. The three of us Special Ed teachers got together early this morning to get ready. We decorated, signed the card, arranged the flowers, and displayed the GIANT Costco cake.

The kids were so distracted by it this morning, we invited them to just go in her office and look.

Fifteen minutes later, one little first grader kept looking into the office longingly. Eventually she turned to me and asked sincerely,

"When are we going to the party?"

"What party?"

She motioned her head towards the office...

"Oh honey, there is no party."

"But there are balloons and stuff."

"We just decorated to celebrate."

She thought for a little while. You could tell it wasn't quite computing in her head. Finally she said,
"But why is there CAKE?"

I tried not to die.
She was totally right. I guess if there is a birthday, decorations, and a cake....and you are 7....Then of COURSE there is a party.