Thursday, November 20, 2014


The Wilkins Clan is planning to load everyone (and the dog) up and drive to California for Christmas. We will be going to Disneyland. (Mostly because Mom said one day that we should, so we are.)

I was telling someone how excited I was for it...and I was told sometimes I act just like my kids (students) relation to being giddy.

I quickly responded....

"Why not let that kind of happiness be a part of every day life? Happiness is the purpose of existence, so I try to embrace it however I can.

I like to savor the moments of:
- a giggling child
- the smell of something delightful in the kitchen
- the colorful array of flowers
- a simple joke that is quite clever
- the warmth of a beloved quilt
- a tender kiss
- a simplistically elegant instrumental song
- the warmth of men's voices singing

There is always something to treasure...something we can be happy about."

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Hidden Wounds - September Ensign 2014

Since returning home from my mission, I have been continually exposed to the pain and reality of pornography in today's society. I have seen it take over the lives of people I care about. I have seen the pain of those indirectly affected. I have seen families become filled with hurt as they watch one they love struggle. I have seen the joy and beauty of the Atonement. I have seen the full spectrum of its influence.

I was reading through the September 2014 Ensign yesterday, and discovered something wonderful. It was a article for parents about teenagers and their exposure to pornography. It was very straightforward, and I greatly appreciated it. It is not a matter of if our children come in contact with pornography, but when. And when it happens, how will they handle the situation. How will we handle the outcomes? Will we act as the Savior would?

I was so impressed by the perspective presented in the introduction, that I wanted to share it. Even though I know there are a grand total of 5 people who actually read this, I want the world to know this was a big deal for me.

Hidden Wounds - By: Jennifer Grace Fallon
"In the great battle for the city Cumeni, Helaman tells of his 2,060 stripling warriors who 'fought most desperately' against their enemies (Alma 57:19). While 'there was not one soul of them who did perish' in battle, 'neither was there one soul among them who had not received many wounds" (Alma 57:25). Many of these teenage soldiers were so terribly wounded that they fainted from the loss of blood.

"These young warriors fought a battle that their parents could not fight for them, and they fought it because their society had been attacked. A similarly disastrous war rages among modern teenagers, for similar reasons. Today's parents can no more fight the spiritual battles for their youth than the people of Ammon could. But they can learn to recognize the spiritual wounds this war inflicts and arm their children with the knowledge and resources they will need to survive."

Wow. I wish I had seen it this way before. Maybe my heart would not have been so hard when this war appeared in my line of sight. Maybe I would have been more loving and courageous myself. Maybe judgements would be more Christ-like.