Sunday, May 25, 2014


I rarely think of funny stories to write about on here...but then I email my missionary buddies, and these stories just come out. Here is an excerpt from today's letter:

"The biggest thing from the week happened Tuesday night. My sister (age 22) was being dramatic. Most of my family's good stories start with someone being ridiculously dramatic. She has had a hard time living at home without the big social life she had while living in an apartment. ...So when she was bored out of her mind Tuesday night, she flopped herself literally across my lap and whined: "I'm sooooo BBBBBOOOORRRRRREEEDDDDD!!!!" (Envision a full grown adult flopped across my lap, with her arm to her forehead, looking as devastated as possible)

She continued: "PLLLLLLLLLLLEASE come play with me!"

I giggled and told her I couldn't because I had homework to do. She moaned and rolled away. I didn't know she had left the house until I heard a large commotion 30 minutes later.

I came to the kitchen to see her at the kitchen sink, half crying/half laughing, with my dad "dabbing" her face while she sputtered. As I got closer, I realized her face was covered in blood and dirt. She had gone on a bike ride with a close guy friend. She was flying down a SUPER steep hill, hit a patch of dirt, and then decided her face belonged licking the ground instead of up in the air. ;) She broker her fall with her face, and the length of her arm.

Poor thing. She felt so silly. Besides being wounded and a mess, her pride totally ate the dust. (did you like the pun?)

Her chin, upper lip, nose, and forehead were pulverized. Poor scabby thing was even performing in a play thursday-saturday. Her oozy scabs have been the talk of the town (ok.... just the ONLY topic of family discussion, not the town....well, except for all of the customers she serves at work, and all the people at church)

Don't worry, something really good came from this.
We all tried to just clean her up, and get her to bed. When I said my prayers, I realized how thankful I was that she was ok. She hit her head pretty hard, and couldn't remember the event. she was totally disoriented and repeated herself constantly. I tried to be tough, but I turned into a giant boob and tried not to become a crying mess. I really was thankful that she was ok. I crawled into her bed and curled up next to her. We were able to be boobs together. I didn't realize how deeply I cared for her until I saw her be hurt. It was a good moment for us to draw close together."

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Do you ever simply want to see something beautiful?

Sometimes I just get the inkling that I want to be inspired. That I want to see something beautiful. That I want a moment to escape the pressures of the world. My sister is always really good at finding things that take my breath away. She shared this with me...

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Well...its official: 
I am a whoose.
(is that how you spell it?)

Yesterday I rode my bike to school. Its a 20+ minute ride from my parent's house. Yesterday I wore skinny jeans. 
SOOOO uncomfortable! The seam on my pants was not my ally. That little booger made me super mad. It made the ride feel FOREVER long.

So, today I was going to have the upper hand. I wore yoga pants. No problems right?


It was worse.
The problem is not the pants. The problem is my bum! Its too skinny! 
There was no padding what-so-ever! WORST RIDE EVER! Seriously, I thought yesterday was was terrible. 

A simple solution is to get one of those big comfy ones...or I could just plump up....

New Plan: I am going to install one of these bad boys!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Life Moves On

I started off writing about 15 missionaries when I got home...and now it is down to two.  The odd thing is, I'm ok with that. It has taken me a long time to realize that my official missionary service is done. I have different responsibilities now. I have a new focus in life, and its alright for life to keep moving. 
Sometimes it hurts. Today it hurt. Mother's day was supposed to be joyful, but for me it was sorrowful. 
I ached for the children next door who lost their mother this last year. 
I ached for my own lost dreams.
I ached from personal hurt.

Life moves on...and sometimes it hurts.

But sometimes its ok. Sometimes it moves in a totally different direction then you think it will...but that's ok.

I wrote those two missionaries today. One of them comes home in a few weeks. We have written often about the transition home...and how secretly wonderful it is to be a missionary. I wanted to include some of my thoughts from that letter: 

"But just a word of caution...Life does not move on the same time table for post mission life. You will come home fired up and ready to blaze a trail! Go to school, volunteer, serve, temple work, dating, marriage, family, career, lifetime of selfless and perfect service, grandparenting, and celestial kingdom. Its all mapped out in your head right? And there is a part of you that expects it to work out mostly as planned, but maybe with a couple trials thrown in there....

"Life doesn't always play out like how we envision it while wearing the badge. And when we don't achieve the plan we had set up, we start to feel like we aren't progressing. Oh no! I can't believe Heavenly Father hasn't dropped me as an investigator, because I'm not moving forward! At least not at the speed I wanted to! What is wrong with me?

"Nothing is wrong with you. Life is different without the magic of the tag. Progression happens differently here. Endurance and patience take on new definitions. Faith becomes an integral part of your spiritual cell structure, and instead of constantly and actively thinking about live in day out...monotony and all. And that's ok. In fact, that's good. Because your role will change. And your life will go different directions then you thought. Which is ok too. Its probably better. ( long as you continue to make righteous choices."


Right now, I hurt. It may not feel like life is better then I envisioned it. But I can't see my ending right now. This too will pass. And I will continue to move forward. I will continue to serve. To work. To try. Walk. The ache will leave, and I will find myself in a better place. It won't be where I envisioned myself while I wore my tag, but it will be a good place.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Love My Mom

I love my mother! 
She is the greatest. I'm not just saying this because Mother's day is coming. 
Today I emailed her about a big decision I had made rather quickly, and I sort of freaked out a bit. 
She responded with 3 words: 
"Buck Up Whiner" 

Love her!!

(She may not appreciate this photo, but it is one of my ALL TIME favorites)


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

To freak out? Or not to freak out?

The Spring Term has is the preparatory time for my student teaching. The binder they had us organize is 
The syllabus quiz I just took, has opened my eyes to the monstrous mound of work ahead of me.

I'm calm right now, but I feel like I should freak out. 
As if the magnitude of the situation warrants or qualifies for a freak out session.
What a silly thing to be thinking about: Do I need to spaz out at this moment?

Do I stay calm? Do I force myself to get anxious? 
Does the anxiety cause me to function better? Or take the situation more seriously? 


If I keep calm, am I showing that I am an adult and completely capable of doing ridiculously intimidating things?

Monday, May 5, 2014

My Ship

I have mentioned multiple times that my dad cracks me up. Today after messing with my old and highly frustrating computer, he turned to me and did it again.

"Your ship needs to come in so you can buy a new computer."

"Dad, my ship already came in. I have enough money for tuition next semester. That's a pretty good ship."

"Noooo! I mean your ship needs to really come in. This computer needs to go away."

"Dad, I have so many things to buy when that ship comes in. What am I supposed to do? ... The only solution I can see to all of this is to marry a wealthy man who already has everything and my ship coming in is the fact that he already has his ship parked in port."


Working on it Dad. Anyone know an eligible bachelor who's ship came in and can give me a ship? That would be great. Thanks. My dad would greatly appreciate not having to fix my dinky laptop ever again.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Why Wait?

Why wait to be greeted?
Why wait to figure things out?
Why not be proactive?
Why not ask people?
Why not seek to be put to work?

Today I tried to find my new Singles Ward. It was a challenge. It involved 3 wards, 2 welcoming committies, 2 bishoprics, and a very kind girl. But it is done. Not everyone has viewed this new situation as I have. I am optimistic.

Don't look at the new situation as something scary. See the new situation as a new start:
a time to thrive
a time to grow
a time to make new friends
a time to learn from the example of others
a time to have a more full life
a time to embrace the life presented to you

I feel like a new kid just moving into a non-freshman-dorm-ward. I feel young and inexperienced...but that's ok. Because it was when I was in those shoes, 5 years ago, that I grew the most. This has the potential to be a really good thing...if I let it be.