Tuesday, April 7, 2009

It is SPRING!!

I had to do this really LONG campus tree tour this week. While out getting sunburned, I came upon tons of blossoming trees and bushes. I couldn't help myself and stole a stem, and then the universe got me back...a bee attacked me. Don't fret, I'm fine, but my scream and jumping fit made the cute guy walking by laugh. These are blossoms from my stolen branch.

Relief Society

We made these way cute hair clips at Enrichment this week. Mine are on the orange background. Katherine and Ashlee did the other ones.

Family Home Evening

We had our "family" photo at FHE this week. These are the people who showed up every week and I'm really sad we won't be together for years to come.

Back: Nathan, Kyle, Noah
Front: Ashlee, Staci, Katherine, Melinda

David Archuleta Concert

Staci and I had our last big hoorah (I think) by going to the David Archuleta concert on the 27 of March. He was soo good...I wouldn't mind going to see hi