Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Simple Phrase

One of my role models, and dearest friends shared wisdom with me a while ago. I was so impressed with her insight, that I wrote down her quote, and posted it next to my bed. I have read it multiple times in the last few weeks. She has lived it. She knows it. I am living it. Someday I will know it.

"The scriptures say: 'And it came to pass..." 
No where did it say: 'And it came to stay.'"

The best part about it, she will read this blog post...

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Kind Jensens

This past weekend I had quite an adventure. I started by flying to Spokane for a few days...drove down to Boise...and flew from Boise to Salt Lake City. I had missionary work on my mind, and was thoroughly prepared to share the gospel on the flight up. A very kind couple came and sat by me, the Jensens.

Turns out, despite all my mental preparations, the couple was LDS, and they were quite friendly. We talked of their life, my dad, and of my trip to Spokane. They have children going to school in Provo, and their son is in my stake. The sweet Sister Jensen became my special friend. She had such insight into me, even though she knew me so little. She gave me some advice for the upcoming stage in my life, and I treasured her immediate friendship.

As we parted ways, she said she and her husband would pray for me, my endeavors that weekend, and for my dad. I was tickled to meet them, and was touched by their sentiment.

I had my weekend of fun....and found myself in the airport in Boise. As I stood at my gate, waiting to board, Brother and Sister Jensen walked off my plane! I had to run up and speak with them. They were just as excited to see me. She had to pepper me with all kinds of questions, and ask how I handled the emotional weekend.

They assured me of good things to come, and strengthened my faith. As we parted ways, they said, "We will continue to pray for you Melinda Wilkins. You and your father, Jeffery." I was sooooo touched that they remembered my name throughout the entire weekend. Who am I to them? No one. Just a simple girl lost in the events of young adulthood.

They were exactly what I needed to get through the weekend. They were the angelic kindness Heavenly Father knew I needed.

Well, I got home...did my research...and it turns out their son lives in my friend's ward....and he also served with my hometeacher. I will find a way to thank them for their kindness. I will.

Friday, February 7, 2014