Monday, March 28, 2011

Festival of Colors

Lots of People.

Enough said.


I don't know what it is about the Wilkins Family, but we have this thing with bottoms. (Usually little girl bottoms, because we have had lots of those). Someone is always grabbing or pinching, and someone is squealing in delightful giggles. So, when I saw this photo from Natalie Norton Photography, I couldn't keep it to myself. It makes me smile. Why? Because I have seen this look many times and I'm sure many more times with my daughters.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

It takes a Man to be a Dad

We saw this clip in class today, and I HAD to share it!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


This last Sunday we learned about Parables in Sunday School. Our teacher, Dallin, said Christ told stories/parables with life situations the people would understand. Dallin challenged us to watch for situations in our life that could be related in a parable. As the week goes by, we are to e-mail him our Parables, and he will send them out to everyone in the class. I am going to post my parable, and add any that I think are amazing.

My parable:
Learning to be like Christ is like being a baby learning how to walk. It starts simple as the parent (Christ) helps the baby learn how to stand: they hold the baby's hands and support the inexperienced infant's weight. The child builds strength in their legs and learns balance.

Just when the baby get's comfortable, their parent (Christ) lets go and steps back. The baby is scared and nervous but they finally take a step. The success of 3 shuffles is forgotten as the baby tumbles down. But not to worry, the parent lifts them back up quickly and encourages the child onward.

We are like the baby, coming unto Christ as we walk toward him. He shows us the principles and guides us at first, but expects us to walk forward on our own. We are scared standing there alone, but he is watching encouragingly. We don't know we have the ability to move forward...but he does. While we may fall a couple times, he is always there to pull us up. When we finally get there, we look up to see Jesus standing there, with a smile and open arms to receive us (Mormon 6:17).

My Roommate's Parable:
I was going for a walk Sunday night. I was concerned about something and I had a friend walking with me to comfort me and help me decide what to do. As we walked along they said to me, "watch out for the pokeys". There was a bush that was growing out over the sidewalk that I could not even see, because I was so focused on my situation and because it was getting dark. When they said that I thought about this being my parable. The parable of the pokeys. Satan distracts us and wants us to be worried and occupied with other matters so that we won't notice the other harmful things he can put in our paths. If we have been baptized into the church and are living righteously and keeping the commandments, we have been promised the companionship of the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost can be our companion, He is a comforter, and He can "tell us all things what we should do". For the sake of this parable, my friend was able to help me see the situation clearly, protect me from what I couldn't see, help me feel calm and decide on what I should do. So, when the world is going too fast for you or you don't understand your circumstances, remember that the Holy Ghost is on your walk with you and will warn you when to "watch out for the pokeys", and you will make it through well.

Monday, March 21, 2011


There is a moment.
You are walking across campus and you see something.
Another person.
No biggie, there are thousands of people walking around between classes.
Something is different, because you know this person...
...but you don't know how...

I saw someone today.
She had a dark coat like everyone else.
She was reading a book, but so is that other guy.
She walked really fast, bummer, another geek like me.
But she had a bright yellow scarf.
I know this woman...
...but how...

In that fraction of a millisecond, your brain runs through every interaction you have ever had.
Think. Think. Think.

Quick, walk even faster and even more like a freak.
Stand in her way and wait until her millisecond is over and she realizes she almost died for you.



hugging ensued

Saturday, March 19, 2011


I am too bold.
I don't know where it comes from.
It just does.

At work, I have a flirtatious relationship with this really good looking guy. I don't know why he plays along (while I'm a pretty cute little thing, he's a pretty, muscular, attractive man).

The other day he was trying to surprise me by yelling, pinching, or any other means.

"I'm going to really clobber you one of these times!!!"

"Oh really...Then what?"

think. think. think. something it

"Well, I'll just have to kiss it better."
A big smile stole across my face.

Then I proved I am too much of a little kid to be in his league:
I practically ran away with a hot pink flushed face.

Where did that come from?

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


If you couldn't tell, I'm a girl through and through. I love chick flicks, love stories, and sappy endings. As an over-fantasizing girl, I fall trap to daydreaming and getting lost in books. At first I don't feel bad for losing myself in those stories, and I don't feel too bad for wishing they were true in some way.

Why do I wish they were true, because they show boys being vulnerable, sappy, and in love.

These books are all written by WOMEN!!!

Its a woman trying to channel the inner thoughts of a man. That doesn't work, because no
matter how hard she tries, her feminine bias shows up and subconsciously she writes what every girl wants to hear, rather than what a man would actually think. UGH.

There is no hope for a real life sappy love story is there?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Call

My call is here....

I am at peace. I was stressing out all afternoon, but after a prayer I was filled with calm and peace. I opened my call and felt the comforting confirming Spirit. This is where I'm supposed to be. Its not where I thought I would go, but it is where the Lord wants me. I know I am doing what he wants.

I am happy.

The Dream

Last night I had a crazy, amazing dream.

School. Powerful bad men. Darth Vader. Jimmer. Surgery. Me.

I was at some sort of School meeting, working alongside these powerful men (they may have been professors or business men or whatever). I was stating my opinion a lot. They didn't like it. The best part is that I was right, and could talk circles around these men. HA. I knew they didn't like me, and would try anything to get rid of me. But I couldn't leave of my own accord, and they couldn't get me out. I could tell they were formulating a plan to have me disappear.

Then I see Darth Vader trudging down the hall. He has Jimmer with him. They are headed to a surgery. Jimmer is to be the surgeon. (wacky dream, but awesome) I am a spectator at the surgery, along with many of the bad professor men.

Jimmer walks in with that alarming blank face of his, and takes his place for the surgery. Instantly I know their plan. Jimmer is a generally calm but powerful person. Once you get him going, he's unstoppable. But it is also known that if you get him worked up, he will attack and he will win. I know what they are up to.

The plan: have Jimmer start the surgery. I will be a spectator. I will comment like I always do. I will be just as annoying to Jimmer as I am to these bad men. With Vader's influence, Jimmer will lose his cool, attack me, and then death. Jimmer get's the blame and consequences, and the bad men get rid of 2 annoying people at one time.

Well, how am I going to get myself out of this? I'll do what I do So I start yammering on. At first it doesn't make any difference: Jimmer is intently focused on the surgery, the bad guys are just staring at me with the look in their eyes: "will you can it, or at least roll over and die?", and Darth Vader is standing along the wall ready when the action starts.

But then I start to come up with some really good jokes (I mean really good, as in I'm making myself laugh). Its the my laugh that catches his attention. Jimmer's concentration is broken for a moment, and he looks over and sees me. He tries to go back to work, but I can tell he was surprised at how pretty I was. Oh, this is going to be easy.

I keep going and his focused blank stare starts to melt away as the corner of his mouth starts to smile. Then he can't help but steal glances at me. Every time his smile gets bigger and he turns redder. I've done it. Eventually I have him laughing out loud.

The bad men are fuming! Darth Vader has started to shift his weight and look antsy. Ha, and you thought you could control me. Jimmer stands up and says, "I've completed the most critical part of the surgery. You can stitch him up. And he looks directly at me, takes my hand, and we walk out.

I can feel the shocked and angered looks of the the bad men as we walk away. And somehow I know inside Vader's stupid black helmet his jaw has dropped. They thought they could kill me, easy. But I showed them. And I ended up with a Happily Ever After.

*Note: I do NOT have a crush on Jimmer. I am actually kinda Anti-Jimmer. But for the purpose of this story, I'm going to assume that he was a man of power, that every girl in the "world" wanted, and yet he picked me.