Saturday, February 7, 2009


So Friday January 30, I went to this amazing Masquerade at the Old Courthouse in Provo. I have been waiting my whole life to go to one, and it was amazing!!!!! It helps that my date is a fantastic dance partner, and he wasn't afraid to try silly things. Plus he's good at lifts...hint hint.

I wish these photos had come out better. Beau had more, that were better, but I haven't gotten then from him yet...didn't want to keep you all waiting.

The dress-fitting, a week before the dance.
Making of the masks. Pay attention to the way cute smile to the person on my right, and his lemur mask.

The four of us girls. I think curls are can't go to a dance without them.

These are my future roommates: Ashlee is in pink, and Katherine is in black.

And all of us again with our masks. Staci's was really cool with a flower decal thing on the side. I liked it a lot.

Me and Beau...this picture could have come out better, but we were running short on time, and it works. He's even better looking in person...if you were wondering.

And here is everyone. Victor and Katherine, me and Beau, Ashlee and Paul, Staci and Kyle.