Tuesday, September 20, 2016

This Little House

To anyone else, this is just a little house. 

It had its lawn mowed tonight. It smells a little like wildfire smoke from the fire up the canyon. If you walk inside, you will see a couple washing and folding laundry. The dishwasher has clean dishes...The garbage can has trash in it...The basement is full of boxes.

But to me, this is not just a little house. 

This is a Sacred Home. 
This is where I learned to serve....where I learned service is not easy....where I learned not all service is done with Christ-like love. Christ-Like service is a chosen path, a deliberate and patient service. 

This is where I learned how thin the veil is on earth...where I felt a room full of angels...where I watched anxiously for hours, waiting for mortality to slip into immortality...where I watched my hero's heart stop and breath cease. 

Today, this little home became a sacred home. Sacred love of children to parents. Sacred love of spouses. Sacred love of serving others in times of pain. Sacred in Spirit. 

This is an example of how a home can be as holy and sacred as a temple of God. 

It is a sacred little home.

Monday, May 23, 2016

1 WHOLE stinkin' Month of Alex

One Month of Alex

(I'm pretty sure I've never been able to keep up with something this long. I'm pretty proud of myself.)

I love my husband! So very much.

Most of you know that I wasn't over the moon for him when we were dating, or engaged, or even the morning of our wedding....but Heavenly Father knew he was the right man for me.

Most of you know that I am a bossy grouch, who deserves a bossy grouch...but Heavenly Father gave me a kind hearted, patient, and honorable man.

Most you you know that I am a goof ball, who needs to be kept in line...but Heavenly Father gave me someone to laugh alongside with.

Most of you know I am a cry-er, who needs a dose of slap-you-upside-the-head every once in a while....but Heavenly Father gave me a man who will literally wipe my tears on a daily basis.

I love my sweet husband. He is incredible. Thank you for sticking with me darling!

(Our Favorite Formal Wedding Day shot)
(Holy Cow! Our First Year of Marriage has REALLY aged us!)

Family Movie Night

1.M.of.A. #30

I love that Alex looks forward to Family Movie night at my parents' house every Sunday. He was a little resistant to the idea at first, but now he LOVES it! He takes his KoolAid and Pop Corn making role VERRRRY seriously. He delivers his sippy cup full of Koolaid to dad faithfully every week. I love that he puts forth so much effort to make Della feel important. I love that he has nicknames for Lauren and Emma. I love that he makes sure to hug everyone before he leaves. I love that he fits in so well.


1.M.of.A #29

I love that my husband and I were such old fuddy-duddies, that we spent the first hour in the park walking around the Pioneer Village and staring at coins and peacock butts. I love that we spent 10 minutes taking pictures of peacocks. I love that we dressed up in Western Clothing and spent and arm and a leg. I love that we got sick out of our minds on the first ride, and only did kiddie rides for the rest of the day. I love that we went home before dinner, and that was enough for us. I love that we pigged out on GIANT burgers after....and that we walked a handful of blocks away, just to buy chocolate.

Getting Away

1.M.of.A #28

I love that my hubby takes me away from all of the buggie and end-of-the-year stress, with a fancy hotel. Thanks sweetie!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Ok, so the buggies aren't gone.....yet

1.M.of.A #27

My husband knows I am mortified at the thought of these awful bugs. My husband knows I prefer safe/prepared, rather than sorry. My husband knows he might as well go out of his way to go the extra mile, because in the long run, I will go back and do the task again if it wasn't above and beyond the first time.

I love that my husband was willing to take apart the kitchen last night, so we can have the exterminators come today. I love that he took the time to concoct a plan of action, so I wouldn't have to. I love that he will stay around the house today, and talk with the exterminators personally, because he knows I have a million questions, and hate that I have to be at work and not at home.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

You wanna do what?

1.M.of.A #26

I love that my husband supports me in the silly things I want to do. He is patient with me. He may roll his eyes, but I'm pretty sure there is love in that roll. ;)