Sunday, September 7, 2014

What should I do now?

Something has happened. My last mission buddy came home. What am I supposed to do on Sundays anymore? I don't have one of them to write? I feel slightly empty inside. There are no young missionaries still in the New Mexico Farmington Mission, who have met and served with me. None.

This is a sign that life moves on. And it keeps going forward. I can choose to move, or I can choose to dwell, and wish for days long gone.

I choose to move forward. To remember with fondness, but I have a new purpose.

I have new people to teach.
And they need me.
I like that they need me.

I can move forward. I can.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Be Careful What You Wish For

I learned this week, you should be careful what you wish for (verbally, and just in your head. (These all happened to be non-verbalized)

Wish 1: Oh please let 30 year old boy (who keeps inquiring about me) see me in public with another boy. Maybe even me hanging on that boy....that way I don't have to turn him down, but he will get the picture.
Answer: *To be explained later

Wish 2: Please let cowboy dance with me, and make me feel like the only girl in the world....and let it be GOOD.
Answer: Best looking couple on the dance floor, with people asking if we are dating.

Wish 3: If cowboy would just do something sweet already, I would be so happy.
Answer: Held my hand....and more to follow....

Wish 4: Good grief I feel sick. I can walk to my car, but I don't want to. It sure would be nice if giant cowboy decided to be a gentleman and carry me to the car like in the movies.
Answer: Cowboy carried me to my car and kissed my forehead.

Wish 5: Ok, I'm not supposed to be thinking these things about Cowboy. I wish he would do something to help me see straight and realize he isn't for me.
Answer: Cowboy is NOT for me! Oooooh, that made me so mad what he did! Thank heavens for that answer!

Wish 6: I wish nice kid would get over the fact: "I'm not the one." Now there is no pressure to be my friend. And I don't have to stress about it, or worry about slowing him down. I wish we could be comfortable again.
Answer: Nice kid is willing to go to the parade with my whole family. Also willing to talk to me again.

Wish 7: I hope nice kid has a good time at the parade with my family. I hope this patches things up. Thank heavens he isn't interested anymore, because now this can just be simple.
Answer: Nice kid has a fantastic time.

*Too fantastic of a time...*

?Remember Wish 1: Public display of affection to ditch 30 year old......?
Answer: Nice kid holds my hand in PUBLIC! What?!?!?!? Didn't see that one coming! Also, don't know what to think or say or do or wish now.

NO MORE WISHING. No more thinking. What's the point? Life will just throw you a curve-ball anyways!