Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hallo, Happy-Ween!

Hallo HAPPY WEEN!! oh wait, Happy Halloween! This is a joke in our apartment, its pretty darn fun to say. Sharla wanted to make cupcakes, so she did the hard stuff and I got to do the piping. She decided what shapes I should do, and tada!!

Ashlee and Katherine went out of town for the weekend, so Sharla and I got all dolled up alone. I was Belle (as I've been for the past who-knows-how-many years). Sharla was another Disney character. Can you guess from this view?

Did you get it right? Sharla and her good friend Brian were Ellie and Carl Fredrickson. They were so stinkin' CUTE! Everyone at the dances and parties LOVED them.

On Saturday night I was at a Brick Oven party and having a really lousy time. Everyone kept giving me guff about not having a beast or prince (tell me about it). I was bummed and ready to go. As I was about to leave, the two girls I was talking to started to gape at something behind me.

Then a deep booming voice said,

I turned around to see my GIANT (and rather handsome) friend Robbie dressed as Gaston and striding towards me. He heard about my costume and snuck into Brick to find me. He gave this whole rant about me leaving him at another party and publicly humiliating him. (He did the whole thing with a GIANT smile on his face.) I didn't let him finish. I jumped at him and he enveloped me in a GIANT hug.

Then I remembered my friends and looked over. Everyone in the restaurant was staring at us with their jaws on the ground! Who is the good looking man, and why is he here with Melinda?

Let's just say he escorted (arm in arm) me home and was much more charming than the real Gaston.

We took these photos Sunday night because we forgot before. The next one is my absolute took him 5 min to compose himself, and only after I showed him up did Robbie get his act together and pucker.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

maybe this is only funny after tell me

I found this on another blog I follow. I was cracking up so hard my sides hurt. Maybe it was because I watched it after midnight on a VERY long day. Tell me what you think...
(I don't know how to get rid of all the extra space. I've tried everything I know)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Arm Hair

If you are reading this, you know me. Really well. So you know that either one of my arms have just as much if not more hair than Big Foot's. I deal with it. I've been stupid about it in the past, but now I'm to the point where I just look down and smile.

I smiled REALLY BIG today.

Sharla and I went to the BYU pool this morning before the sun was up. It will be our new thing...hopefully. You have to check in and get a wrist band. So what...

Well, the girl starts to wrap mine around without thinking, and then realizes that my fur is going to get stuck to the sticky part of the wrist band. She lets out an audible groan and gasp. She kinda fidgets with the bracelet a bit, trying to put it on with the least injury to me.

"Its ok, don't worry about it. I'm used to it. Just stick it."

She gave this big sigh of relief and a little smile.

Sharla and my smiles were bigger.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

This Week

This week was so full. Lots of school. Lots of school. Lots of school.

Thursday night I knew I was going country swing dancing, but I didn't know who with. Ashlee and Andrew arranged a date for me. I asked and asked but they never told me. I had hoped it would be a certain someone from work, but Ashlee assured me it wasn't anyone from Brick Oven. Well, she lied. He walked in and I squealed. (literally) We had so much fun and I'm official hooked on Country Swing.

On Saturday I was lucky enough to get work off and go to the Homecoming Football game. Mom, Emma, and I went and had a blast! WE WON!! FINALLY!!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

sniffle, sniffle...

I'm not dead, but there were moments when I wished I was.

I've been sick. First a runny nose. Then I lost my voice. And then I started to have little thorns in my throat. Then the aches and fever.

Now, I'm to the point where my body feels great, my nose doesn't give me too many problems, and my voice is back....but when I cough it sounds like there's a baby rattle deep in there. I feel great, but everyone looks at me like I'm dying. As if at any moment they will look up and see my lung plopped in my lap.