Monday, December 14, 2009

Happy Sawcondrahga!!

Yay, another picture of all 4 of us! Here's the story: In high school Charli pulled a prank on her Newspaper class. She insisted that there was the mormon holiday Sawcondrahga (note the silent "H") on Dec. 13. She assure the class that mormons are all about giving, so we give gifts to orphins, serve food at homeless shelters, and eat traditional mormon food. Every year since the prank, Charli celebrates in style. This year on Sawcondrahga Eve she gave us all matching PJs and socks. We wore them out to the store and every night for a week. The next day we had a potluck with our friends. We had jello salad, funeral potatoes, half fancy dip, cinnamon rolls, and sparkling cider. It was quite an ordeal.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Temple Square

Can you believe this is the only picture all year with all of us?!?!?! Good thing its a pretty decent photo (not like all of those ugly decent photos). This is us before watching the Joseph Smith Movie.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Remember the summer regret....

If you remember, over the summer I cried because Pres. Holland came to our ward and I missed out. Tonight was my redemption. I was at work at Brick Oven and heard some words swirling around...I put myself in a tizzy and low and behold....Jeffrey R. Holland was at the salad bar 15 feet away from me. I had hoped he would come for pasta bar (where I was) but he didn't. The buzz disapeared and I assumed he left the building. I stayed kinda late to finish pre-closes, clocked out, and left, turned the corner...There was this cute couple walking towards me, I looked up and there was Pres. and his wife holding hands. I looked at him...He smiled and said "Hi, how are'ya?" "Hi Pres. Holland." I know that isn't that spectacular, but I was so giddy. I could barely keep my feet from skipping or running home. I gave up the fight half way home and just ran. When I got to the door, no one was home, not a single roommate! I feel better about missing him in August.

Christmas Flowers

This picture doesn't do my art work justice. It is really quite pretty in person.