Sunday, April 25, 2010

Midway at Midnight

So finals are over! We decided we needed to get away from Provo. Katherine's family has a time share in Midway (cute little Swiss town up Provo Canyon) and we went up after work one night.

We hung around being girly until the wee hours of the morning. Then instead of sleeping in beds all across the suite, we slept together in the King-size bed. We started off in our own spots, but as the night went on we snuggled closer and closer together. I woke up nuzzling my face into Katherine's neck, and playing footsy with Ashlee.

We expected sunny skies, but opened the windows to find an inch of snow! crap. That didn't stop us. We drove to Park City and went shopping! bought some way cute red mary jane's. Then we drove to Heber and ate at this little train restaurant: Dairy Keen. Loved it! I would drive back just for the fries and shakes.

Explanation: It was colder than we thought, and we had left our jackets in the car. Katherine was taking forever to figure out the camera settings, and Ashlee and I were freaking out in the frigid weather.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wedding Rings

I'm not saying I have anything to report, but wedding ring window shopping is fun!

Background: My friend Lindy is moving away and switching schools. Her brother-in-law owns a Jewelry store here in Provo. She always said we could go and visit and try things on. So, before she moves out tomorrow, we HAD to go. oye.

The selection wasn't even that big and I was still overwhelmed. Ashlee found a beautiful ring that completely fits her personality. I took lots of mental pictures so I can help her future husband out (whoever he may be). I tried on too many for someone who's never even held hands with a boy. I found things I liked (smaller bands, 1/2 - 1 k, princess cut, etc.) and tried on some really crazy things. Thank heavens I have lots of time to worry about it all.

And dad would be so proud of me: I was inquisitive, and asked questions. I asked everything what everyone was thinking but too bashful to ask about. I even found out if we go back to Robinson Brothers we can get the Lindy-Lou discount. But, I think I'll stick with my own sources for now.

Let's just say diamonds are too sparkly for me now. (that color was meant to be shiny)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Note for all of you who want to contact the mystical Narnian land: play the soundtrack and crazy magical winds will take over! We were studying and turned it on, thinking it would be calm and relaxing. no. the chimes and flowing sounds seeped out our window and drifted to the lands of Narnia. They responded with magical winds of power. As the music would reach climaxes, the wind would take over Provo and ripple through our apartment. The window would whistle and howl, and studying was anything but relaxing. Instead we were sure goat people would walk out our bathroom, evil looking creatures would try to break through the front door, talking animals would crawl out from under the bed, and a giant lion would come save us from the terrors of finals week.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Glistening Eyes

May I just say, saints gathered together, singing "The Spirit of God" with pomp and gusto is one to the most powerful forces on this earth. Saints, singing of Zion, and knowing they are part of the great work, is awe inspiring. We sang that hymn in my New Testament class today as a farewell, and I was crying from the joy it brought me. My soul was filled with excitement and the desire to emulate the force of good I feel whenever I hear that song.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Just some photos of us dresses up for a ward activity.

Katherine and Spencer

Ashlee and Andrew

Us all cutsie