Thursday, May 19, 2016

Ok, so the buggies aren't gone.....yet

1.M.of.A #27

My husband knows I am mortified at the thought of these awful bugs. My husband knows I prefer safe/prepared, rather than sorry. My husband knows he might as well go out of his way to go the extra mile, because in the long run, I will go back and do the task again if it wasn't above and beyond the first time.

I love that my husband was willing to take apart the kitchen last night, so we can have the exterminators come today. I love that he took the time to concoct a plan of action, so I wouldn't have to. I love that he will stay around the house today, and talk with the exterminators personally, because he knows I have a million questions, and hate that I have to be at work and not at home.

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